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Mitten Time!

Through December the weather where I live has been more spring-like than wintery.  I began to assume that I wouldn’t see any snow this year.  But for the past few days the view from my window has been of a snowglobe.  Now winter consists of crisp sunny days and nights with soft pink skies, fluffy snowflakes falling all around.

This time of year always makes me want to surround myself with everything cosy. Whether it be fuzzy blankets, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, or fragrent cups of jasmine green tea.  And, I finally get to bust out the winter wear, of which gloves and mittens are my favorite.  Last year I crocheted my own pair, but sadly I finished too late in the season so I didn’t get much use out of them.  This year I hope to use them innumerable times!

I found the pattern on a wonderful lady’s blog.  Her name is Sandra and she has really cool tips and tricks on crocheting.  She also does sewing, quilting, and knitting.

When I started my Stripy Mitts I had basic knowledge of crocheting, but didn’t know all of the stitches I needed to complete the project.  But Sandra’s blog has an amazing and straight forward stitch directory that made it really easy to learn the stitches required to make the mitts.  You can just use her pattern, but you can choose to use her tutorial which includes spectacular pictures.

My gloves turned out lovely and I’m so happy with them.  Sandra used more colors than I did but I wanted mine to be able to go with everything. (Plus I really loved the red yarn!)


Sandra’s blog is amazing and so are her mittens, so please check them out!


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