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On Snow, License Plates, and Pencils

I can’t believe it!  Three days of snow that’s all I got!  I mean come on global warming at least give me a full week!  I’m really going to miss the snow and feeling extra cosy. Waking up to the shadow of snow clouds, cold and refreshing.  Ah snow…

You see what I did there.  I procrastinated about writing my actual blog post.  In general I do the aforementioned a lot, whether it be in schoolwork or when finishing a job I need to do.  I’m really good at being a procrastinator (I even have a system.)  I call it the “If-you-do-random-stuff-long-enough-you-might-not-have-to-finish-your-actual-work” Strategy.  Basically the way it works is that you spend a prolonged amount of time on those in-between tasks.


-Taking extra care with your handriting when writing your name on top of a paper.
-Checking and rechecking and rechecking to make sure you have the
correct date.
-Sharpening your pencil until you have the perfect tip, (which is
impossible by the way.)
-Not putting a bookmark in your (math) book so it takes an extra two  minutes to find your page.

See it’s very orderly and systematic.  But it would be better to forgoe these processes and just jump right into what I need to complete.  I would rather have a more plentiful amount of time to read, relax, and color.  So I resolve to rid my routine of these procrastination tools.

To do this I will have to make sure I only do what is necessary between transitioning through tasks.  And instead of letting the time drag I’ll make more of an effort to focus and take enjoyment out of my assignments.  That way when I’ve concluded, I’ll feel more accomplished and feel more relaxed while relaxing.

And for those of you who feel the same way, I know YouTube is tempting, but Adele’s latest song will be there waiting.  Wikipedia lovers, I fully comprehend your need to know immediately how vitamin B12 can possibly be the same thing as that crazy compound called α(5,6-dimethylbenzimidazolyl)cobamidcyanide, but that information will be there waiting. Together we will vanquish the Power of Procrastination! (Yeah, I read too many books.)

So on that note I leave you with a poem.  Enjoy!

Procrastination: The Essence of Creativity

I wonder, who invented pencils?
Who made the eraser on top?
Where did the tree for this paper come from?
Procrastination; make it stop.

Oh look, a bee!
A tree branch in the wind,
Look at that license plate!
Procrastination; what else can I find?

Make my bed,
Brush my teeth,
Twenty minutes staring at a pimple.
Procrastination; try to keep it brief.

“Procrastination kills creativity.” said they.
“Do your real work!” said she and he.
“But look what I have written
 While I was procrastinating!” said me.

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