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Book of The Month

To Kill A Mockingbird: End of the Month Review

Written by Harper Lee

The first thing I admired about this book is its timeline. The story begins by introducing the last main event of the story, and then Continue reading “Book of The Month”

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Lemon and Poppy Seed Olive Oil Cake

I love citrus and poppy seeds. And I love cake! This recipe is easy to execute and makes a fragrant sweet cake. The use of semolina makes it Continue reading “Lemon and Poppy Seed Olive Oil Cake”

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Orbiting Jupiter Review

Jack, 12, tells the gripping story of Joseph, 14, who joins his family as a foster child. Damaged in prison, Joseph wants nothing more than to find his baby daughter, Jupiter, whom he has never seen. When Joseph has begun to believe he’ll have a future, he is confronted by demons from his past that force a tragic sacrifice.


Before Reading Orbiting Jupiter I had only read one book of Gary D. Schmidt’s, The Wednesday Wars.  I really liked The Wednesday Wars because Continue reading “Orbiting Jupiter Review”

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate? Cake? Cookies?  One day I was trying to decide what to bake and this question kept replaying in my head.  Then I thought, “Well what about muffins?”  So after Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Muffins”

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How Do You Take Notes?

Recently I began taking classes that are in lecture form, so I have to take notes.  Up until this point in my life I’ve never had to use notes to study.  And I mean never. Now in truth I’m a neurotically organized person, so the idea of taking and organizing notes wasn’t Continue reading “How Do You Take Notes?”

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Book of the Month

Febuary 2016  – To Kill A Mockingbird

Written by Harper Lee

Usually I don’t go for books labeled as “classics,” actually I take express care to steer clear of them. This is mostly due to my having the impression that classic authors have thick wordy books with slow plots and little adventure.  Another reason for my being apprehensive is Continue reading “Book of the Month”