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Book of the Month

Febuary 2016  – To Kill A Mockingbird

Written by Harper Lee

Usually I don’t go for books labeled as “classics,” actually I take express care to steer clear of them. This is mostly due to my having the impression that classic authors have thick wordy books with slow plots and little adventure.  Another reason for my being apprehensive is because I’ve read some abridged versions of “classic” books and thought they were horrible, so I never bothered to read the full book.

Though far and few, every once in a while I do end up reading and falling in love books typically considered “classics.”  Frequently these have been by Jules Verne or Alexandre Dumas.  Examples of some titles are Around the world in Eighty Days, Journey to The Center of the Earth, The Three Musketeers, and now I want to read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

This month I chose to read To Kill A Mockingbird because I kept seeing references to it everywhere and wondered what made this book earn the admiration of so many people for so many years.  Furthermore the book is set in one of my favorite time periods in history, the great depression of the 30s.  The last selling point was that the edition I got was pocket size.  Perfect for my purse!

I have faith that To Kill A Mockingbird won’t disappoint, and hopefully it will help me open up to the idea of reading more classic books that have influenced the writing we see today.




What caught your eye?

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