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Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate? Cake? Cookies?  One day I was trying to decide what to bake and this question kept replaying in my head.  Then I thought, “Well what about muffins?”  So after a substantial amount of pinteresting and frustration I came upon a simple fast recipe for chocolate chip muffins.  Out came the apron and whisk!

As I was folding in the chocolate chips and greasing the muffin tins, and it occurred to me that I was my birthday that day. I had forgot!  (How can a person forget their own birthday?!)

I baked two batches of mini muffins and one batch of regular size muffins.  I would prefer it if everyone thought I did this because mini muffins are cute, but sadly it was a product of my laziness.  I ran out of  muffin cups for the regular size muffin tin, and although I might have used baking paper….muffin

In the end the regular sized muffins turned out the best because they were the most moist, but the mini ones were still tasty too (in a bite-size way).  Since then I have also tried the batter out as a cake and I’ve concluded that a good muffin recipe will make great cake!

These muffins were scrumptious!  Here’s the recipe. Check it out:




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