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To Kill A Mockingbird: End of the Month Review

Written by Harper Lee

The first thing I admired about this book is its timeline. The story begins by introducing the last main event of the story, and then goes farther back in time to tell the full tale behind the conclusions reached in the first three paragraphs of the book.

I love how in To Kill A Mockingbird the people of Maycomb are illustrated by the way they interact and live, instead of with an excess of adjectives. From the way Ms. Lee describes it, you feel like she is talking about a real live town, where all the characters are flesh and blood. As an author she shows consistency with her characters because she knows exactly how each would react in a given situation. Their dialogue sounds animated and believable, unlike many other books where it feels forced and fabricated.

The main character and narrator of the book is Scout. At the beginning of the story she sees everything with a child’s eyes, but still makes surprisingly truthful observations. As she has more experiences, her perception of the world around her changes. Just like you and me, her memories take on new meaning as she grows older. She begins to see a broader picture.

The plot of the story itself is unforgettable. The heartbreak and cruelty is so shockingly real. The discrimination and dislike between people so tangible. But most importantly the respect and love that the inhabitants of Maycomb still exhibit for each other despite their disagreements is evident. Its amazing how the life (or rather death) of two men changed a town and its people forever.

And the best line of the entire book, which reflects Maycomb’s society and gives the book its Southernerness is “…it started long before that.” Basically  what I’ve been trying to say about this book, is that it’s just plain brilliant!





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