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Book of the Month

March 2016 – The Second Mrs. Gioconda

Written by E.L. Konigsburg

Despite its popularity in history and my obvious love of history, I don’t find that the renaissance interests me much. But of all the famous people of this time period, da Vinci, I must admit, is by far the most intriguing. He is a man with a brilliant mind and very cool inventions. If you ask me though, his greatest achievement is shrouding the eyes of art lovers everywhere for years with the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile. I love myself a good mystery!

The Second Mrs.Gioconda, by Konigsburg, tells a tale that is an exciting answer to this old enigma. The story behind the painting of the Mona Lisa is explored with the help of the main characters Leonardo da Vinci, the Duchess Beatrice d’Este, and da Vinci’s apprentice Salai.

What caught your eye?

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