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The Martian – Review

The martian

Written by Andy Weir

The first word that I want to say about this book is…Stupendous! Normally I don’t go for futuristic books, but The Martian was very well written and on top of everything believable.

I was pleasantly surprised when this book was written as log entries, because typically only historical fiction books are able to pull it off. The story was well thought out and just when you think the protagonist’s trials resolve, new ones arise. Plus the way in which Weir describes the mechanical and scientific equipment with such detail, makes the events so much more real. And finally the author deserves a standing ovation for daring to write an entire novel in which the main character isn’t forced into having a love interest just to make the book more appealing to certain audiences.

Mark Watney is the most talented soliloquist that never lived. Granted he does curse and that’s not great, but he doesn’t just curse for the sake of it; I mean he was left on Mars! I admire Weir for creating a gutsy character who doesn’t dwell on his depression. No, Mark Watney is level-headed and knows how to act in a crisis. Weir defines Watney’s personality by the actions he takes rather than through a confusing backstory. The best quality of this astronaut…his sarcasm. I burst into fits of laughter while reading The Martian! (It just goes to show that humor can even help you get back to Earth from Mars.)

The Martian vs. The Martian

Yes, I’m going to juxtapose the movie and the book. Sadly (depending on your viewpoint), I have to say that yet again book beats movie. The book’s amazingness is largely due to its descriptiveness and humor, and the movie wasn’t able to capture all the details. This was disappointing because I’m a fan of Matt Damon movies (Bourne!) and the movie trailer spoiled all the good parts of the movie.


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