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YouTube-izing Homeschool

Yep, I totally meant to write “YouTube-izing” like that.

What I really mean by this is that YouTube is a great resource for homeschoolers. There are so many talented content creators out there that make really cool, short videos on topics that are relevant to school. Below are some of my favorites, but there’s tons more.

Crash Course

This channel was made by the amazing John and Hank Green. I watched all of the chemistry and world history videos as a review in between school years and enjoyed them a lot.  I love that the information in their videos is unbiased, contains all the key points, and is delivered simply. Plus they’re super funny and have cute graphics. Some other topics they cover are U.S. history, psychology, and biology. Their videos are usually 10-12 minutes long.

There is also a Crash Course Kids, that has videos which younger children would enjoy.


This channel was created by TED, the same people who make TED Talks. These are animated videos that talk about historical figures, scientific discoveries, and abstract concepts. It might be harder to find a video that directly correlates with your curriculum, but they’re more like videos with curious extra facts that make learning more fun. These videos are usually 4-6 minutes long.

My favorite videos were the ones about riddles and History vs. Historical Figures.

CGP Grey

Now this guy is amazing! His videos are more about debunking common misconceptions that impair how we understand what we are learning. He’s really good at illustrating topics that are hard to explain clearly, and he’s terrifically funny.

Some of his best videos are Brief History of the British Royal Family and Vatican City Explained.

What caught your eye?

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