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Thirteen Reasons Why: End of the Month Review

thirteen reasons why
Written by Jay Asher

This book was one of those books that invokes deeper thought about how we affect the perception of others. Even though the misfortunes that befall Hannah are specific, Asher wrote a book that gives a huge insight into the relationship between the snowball effect and suicide.

I liked the format of the book, which basically alternated between Hannah’s audio script story and Clay’s thoughts. My anticipation level remained high throughout the story and I was constantly thinking “Well what’s going to happen next?”  It was hard to wait to find out what Clay’s role in Hannah’s death was.

I was pleased about the emphasis the author put on the consequences of spreading rumors. If not for certain rumors Hannah might have had better experiences, and ultimately still be alive.

Although this story was sad, it was also enlightening. I think the moral of the book is that, no matter how trivial the wrongdoing committed towards someone, its potential impact on that person’s feelings and decisions is great.

I really recommend reading it!


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