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Harry Potter – Review

harry potterYes everyone who reads this post, I do know that I’m more than fifteen years late in posting this. I just recently got around to reading the books and I think I finished them in around ten days. After that I had a movie marathon (which I finished in two days. Haha…)

J. K. Rowling has some mad imagination skills! Up till now I’ve never come across a magical universe that actually made sense. Usually the main character needs to complete some impossible task so the author puts a loophole into the rules of magic. It’s infuriating.

My favorite books were The Philosopher’s Stone and The Half-Blood Prince. The former because it made me excited about reading the rest of the books and the latter because of one scene…Sectumsempra! (Malfoy totally deserved it.) My favorite characters (besides Harry obviously) were Fred, George, Hagrid, and Professor McGonagall. The names in these books are so riddikulus (I’m so sorry. Really I am.) and Rowling made some of the most hilarious jokes I’ve read in along time. Plus I got to learn British slang!

If I was younger I would’ve thought this was the best book series ever, but now I’ve read some books with a higher maturity level that were sensational…so I will say there are better books out there. Still I would read through the entire series again.

Harry Potter vs. Harry Potter

Movies. For once I actually think the movies were able to capture the magic of the books. (Bad puns are my thing Ok? I’m not sorry.) It was kind of funny to see how the quality of the movies changed over time, the best example being The Prisoner of Azkaban because the filmmakers finally got out of that early 2000s movie style. Sadly though, I was disappointed by Deathly Hallows Part 2 because there wasn’t the same epic showdown that was written in the book. I mean the amazing ending in the last book is a direct result of the whole hero-debunks-the-villain’s-diabolical-plot-before-ending-him scene.

I’m super excited for July 31! Can’t wait to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!


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