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All the Light We Cannot See: End of the Month Review

all the light
Written by Anthony Doerr

This story was incredible! Every component is a stroke of genius.

The first of these is the format of the book itself. It’s very hard to pull off short chapters without jumping around too much, but Doerr did it expertly. Using short chapters that alternate between each protagonist and provide bird’s-eye views of the different locations, reinforces the theme of war and gives the impression of flashbacks. The memories are short, but all the details can be described specifically.

The plot was riveting and I was stuck in a state of anticipation until the end. I appreciate the stress the author put on technology (specifically radios) and museum artifacts because they are important and sometimes overlooked aspects of WWII. Also, I love how the book begins with the childhood’s of each character. It gives the reader the perspective needed to understand the choices made by Marie-Laure and Werner.

My favorite character in this book was Werner. Both protagonists developed throughout the story, but Werner’s internal struggle was authentic. His feelings were so complex and human, that his story could be that of a real person.

I hope that I’ve convinced you to read this book! It’s worth every one of its 531 pages.

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