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This or That Tag

While reading other blogs, I came across some delightful tags related to books. I’ve never done a tag yet, so I decided to give it a go. Continue reading “This or That Tag”

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LIFEPAC Spanish – Review


I already speak two languages, and when I started homeschooling I felt it was important to continue learning more. I chose Spanish because it is relatively easy to learn and is spoken in so many countries. Plus, I find it fun to pronounce the words!

The first Spanish curriculum I studied was LIFEPAC Spanish I Continue reading “LIFEPAC Spanish – Review”

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Boss Bagels!

Cream Cheese and Strawberries! Yum!

Now, I’m not sure if bagels are specifically breakfast food. I think they qualify. We all know how I feel about breakfast food so bagels are really the best combination: Bread and Breakfast. Continue reading “Boss Bagels!”

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Book of the Month

June 2016 – The Book Thief

book thief
Written by Markus Zusak

For the past two years I’ve been hearing so much about The Book Thief. When I heard there was also a movie I got excited, but Continue reading “Book of the Month”

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Poem Post!

Poetry has a special place in my heart. Sometimes, when I get a burst of inspiration, I pull out my poetry notebook and have a go at writing some myself. I have the same respect for poets as I do for authors.

Sometimes Continue reading “Poem Post!”