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LIFEPAC Spanish – Review


I already speak two languages, and when I started homeschooling I felt it was important to continue learning more. I chose Spanish because it is relatively easy to learn and is spoken in so many countries. Plus, I find it fun to pronounce the words!

The first Spanish curriculum I studied was LIFEPAC Spanish I by Alpha-Omega Publications. The set includes ten units that are presented in separate booklets and have corresponding end-of-the-unit tests. There is also a teacher’s guide that has the audio scripts, unit answers, and test keys. Also included is a set of audio CDs which help the student learn proper pronunciation.

Each unit introduces new vocabulary words and grammar concepts. At the end of the unit there is usually a section dedicated to acquainting the student with an aspect of Spanish culture and geography. The audio CDs are integrated throughout each unit and are needed to complete the assignments.

Despite the seemingly positive points of this curriculum I wouldn’t recommend it. I found the constant repetition of writing the same phrases encumbering to my instruction and the use of the CDs monotonous. I feel this curriculum is based solely on memorization, which though necessary, isn’t sufficient to become proficient in a language. The fact that solid grammar rules were not thoroughly established is yet another fatal downside. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the distress being caused to me, and I only made it through half of the fourth unit before packing away all the books.

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