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This or That Tag

While reading other blogs, I came across some delightful tags related to books. I’ve never done a tag yet, so I decided to give it a go.

  1. Physical books or ebooks?
    I guess a combination of both. Some books were just not meant to be read as ebooks. But others I would only read once so ebooks are fine.
  2. Paperback or hardcover?
    Well, it really depends on how much I love a book and how many times I’m going to read it. Some books I read a lot and they look better worn, so paperback. (The Mysterious Benedict Society) Other books are collectibles (Gone with the Wind) and I have to have the hardcover edition. Amazing cover art also warrants hardcover! One thing I avoid ever buying: Mass Market Paperback. Just ew.
  3. Series or standalone novel?
    I’m totally a series person because the longer I have to put off the inevitable ending the better. I mean there is only a very specific type of book that can pull off the “standalone” thing. Usually they’re huge books. Like 800 pages huge.
  4. Dog ears or bookmarks?
    RESPECT your books and use bookmarks. Is it really worth it to crease and wrinkle those pristine pages? Plus, bookmarks are fun to buy. (I rarely leave a bookstore without managing to snag at least one.)
  5. Borrow or buy?
    I like buying books, but there’s just something about knowing that other people before you, who held that particular volume, shared the same experience you’re having. Now, do I share my books?
  6. Fiction or nonfiction?
    I typically only read fiction, but every once in a while a nonfiction book sneaks into my book pile.
  7. Read review first or decide for yourself?
    Definitely read reviews. I want to know what I ‘m getting into.
  8. Harry Potter or Twilight?
    I’ve only read Harry Potter and have no intention to ever read Twilight. Besides the fact that Twilight books are deeply disliked, vampires just aren’t as cool as wizards.
  9. Rain or shine?
    Well, stormy days make for the cosiest reading environments, but those summer days with lazy breezes do set the mood for reading. I really can’t decide.
  10. Hot Chocolate or tea?
    Seriously? Reading = Coffee.
  11. Laugh or Cry?
    I’m a sucker for happy endings. It’s totally okay if sad things happen in the beginning or middle of the book, but the end must have some sense of hope.


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