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Shadeslayer and Brightscales!

The cover art inspired to me draw dragons!

Just because I wasn’t blogging lately doesn’t mean I wasn’t reading. I was looking for a new series to begin reading, when I came across The Inheritance Cycle while reading the Burn, Rewrite, Reread post on Jonathan Fisher’s blog. (Something I will try at a later date.)

You learn most of the nuances of Eragon’s world and experience the most action in Eragon and Eldest, so out of the entire series they were my favorites. Brisingr was also good, but it was more drawn out. Inheritance…that was just an outright disappointment.

I admire the way that Paolini was able to give each of his characters a unique personality even though there are so many of them, and the world he created is purely amazing. I was able to imagine all the places in Alagaesia that he was describing, my favorite place being Ellesméra because of all the lovely architecture and the huge forest.

Besides the author’s ability to come up with multidimensional characters and stunning scenery, Paolini has a talent for humor. I was laughing a lot, especially throughout the first book.

The reason Inheritance’s ending didn’t work for me was because it was bittersweet. I feel like if you’re going to write a fantasy book filled with so many plot twists and so much death, you owe it to the reader to have a happy ending. But…if you insist on having a bittersweet ending, at least do it right. I don’t know, The Inheritance Cycle’s ending was just depressing.

Still, I enjoyed reading it, and I’ll probably reread it in the future. I totally recommend it!

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