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Burn, Rewrite, Reread

I first heard of this post on Jonathan Fisher’s blog, (which I came across because ERAGON!!!) I knew I had to try it even though it sounds painful. Basically what you do is set  your already read list on Goodreads to sort > random, and then go down the choosing books in groups of three. I’m scared because so many of my childhood favorites ended up on this list, but here goes…

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Poetry, Karpoi, and Metal Dragons?


Written by Rick Riordan

As a avid reader of all Rick Riordan books (Percy Jackson!), you can imagine my excitement at hearing a new series was coming out. But alas…disappointment… Continue reading “Poetry, Karpoi, and Metal Dragons?”

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Robin Hood, Fashion Laws, and the Plague

Written by Ian Mortimer

When I first studied medieval history I was bored to DEATH. I felt like all the details I found interesting were quickly glossed over, and the more tedious parts, like wars and dates, took up too much of my time. (If you’re looking for good history curriculum read this post.)

But recently I’ve taken a fancy to all things medieval. I think it all started with reading about Continue reading “Robin Hood, Fashion Laws, and the Plague”

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Professor Carol – Review

Discovering Music


Me and my mom were having a tough time finding an appropriate music curriculum and we shopped around a long time before we found Discovering Music. I’m so glad we stuck it out and waited though, because it turned out to be one of my all time favorite courses.

Discovering Music is Continue reading “Professor Carol – Review”

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And I Darken – Review

The cover art though!

I heard of this book from Fictional Fox’s review and I knew I had to read it.

Kiersten White is an amazing author. I love historical fiction, but it’s hard to find books in that genre that contain truthful historical facts, and I appreciate that White did thorough research before attempting to write a book that takes on a civilization whose history Continue reading “And I Darken – Review”