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Professor Carol – Review

Discovering Music


Me and my mom were having a tough time finding an appropriate music curriculum and we shopped around a long time before we found Discovering Music. I’m so glad we stuck it out and waited though, because it turned out to be one of my all time favorite courses.

Discovering Music is made up of seventeen units that cover the history of western music from 1600-1914. Each unit has an overview of what will be covered in the unit followed by a video lecture given by Professor Carol. Each lecture has an accompanying listening guide to fill out after watching the video. I really loved the lecture videos because Carol’s style is really engaging, and she explains the concepts and the surrounding history so it’s easily understandable. Plus the content is just amazing!

After the video there is a listening section with pieces composed by the artists discussed in the lecture. There are links for audio files, but found that just using YouTube was easier. This is followed by a gallery of selected artwork from the period and links to other informational websites, which may be about historical figures, composer biographies, or musical styles. Then there is an activity/project which requires you to do extra research. Finally there is an online unit quiz at the end and I usually used the listening guides to study for these. Also every couple of units there is a quarterly exam, which you print out and do.

I found this course beneficial because I learned so much about music and I got to experience history from an art perspective. I already loved “classical” music, but Professor Carol got me so excited that I want to go to the opera! (Namely Wagner’s Ring Cycle.) I 100% recommend this course and I hope you have as much fun as I did!

I did this course in eight grade and it was very rigorous, definitely worth high school credit. I’m planning on doing her course on Imperial Russia in the future.

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