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Poetry, Karpoi, and Metal Dragons?


Written by Rick Riordan

As a avid reader of all Rick Riordan books (Percy Jackson!), you can imagine my excitement at hearing a new series was coming out. But alas…disappointment…

Riordan really missed the mark on The Hidden Oracle. The writing quality was nothing compared to a Percy Jackson book and the humor was entirely off. The only positive thing I can credit Riordan with was bringing Apollo to life, which he pulled off beautifully. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the plot.

After the epicness of Percy Jackson, and all the interesting plot twists those books had, the author would’ve had to work extra hard in order to continue the story lines of existing characters, but all he succeeded in doing was messing up the amazing ending of The Blood of Olympus.

Unfortunately I had to give this book one star on Goodreads, and I won’t be reading any of the other books in the series.


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