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Burn, Rewrite, Reread

I first heard of this post on Jonathan Fisher’s blog, (which I came across because ERAGON!!!) I knew I had to try it even though it sounds painful. Basically what you do is set  your already read list on Goodreads to sort > random, and then go down the choosing books in groups of three. I’m scared because so many of my childhood favorites ended up on this list, but here goes…

Round I

Burn: Definitely burn House Arrest. It was a boredom read I came across while looking up Orbiting Jupiter.

Rewrite: Dawn Treader. After his book I couldn’t bear to read the rest of the books in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Reread: As I’ve said before, I love all The Mysterious Benedict Society books, so I would reread The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. I’ve already done it six times so one more reread wouldn’t hurt!

So the first one was easy…

Round II


Burn: Ok a little bit harder. I already know what I want to reread, but burn…I guess…Heist Society? Only because I’ve read it a couple times already.

Rewrite: Alex Rider was my second favorite book series as a kid, but Ark Angel wasn’t the best in the series.

Reread: My Lady Jane!!! I love that book, and it’s super funny!

Round III

Burn: Ugh! Obviously the abominable Maze Runner.

Rewrite: Fever 1793 because it could’ve used a little more character development.

Reread: Totally The Endless Steppe. It was part of my BookShark history, and it’s by far the best historical fiction book I’ve read about the Russian Revolution.

Still pretty easy…

Round IV

Totally jinxed myself with that last comment. How am I going to do this?!

Burn: Ok. Please don’t get mad Harry Potter fans, but…The Goblet of Fire will have to burn. Anyway, we all know that The Philosopher’s Stone and The Half-Blood Prince are the best books in the series.

Rewrite: All the Light We Cannot See was amazing, but even though the ending is great, it could’ve been happier, so rewrite.

Reread: I love all the Percy Jackson books! I mean, there’s no way I could burn or rewrite The Sea of Monsters!

Round V

Another hard one!

Burn: I would burn To Kill A Mockingbird…I promise thats it’s only because it would be impossible to rewrite it any better.

Rewrite: Moon Queen would be great after an extensive rewrite, because right now the language is too flowery to be enjoyable.

Reread: I could probably read Eragon another three times! It’s that amazing.

Round IV

Oooh a good one! And scary too!

Burn: Ok this is the easiest burn ever. Divergent. I have to admit that I agree with everyone who thinks this series is a Hunger Games knockoff. Divergent by itself was interesting, but the other two books and the ending were TERRIBLE. Total waste of precious reading time.

Rewrite: Uhhhh…right. I guess I would rewrite Island of the Blue Dolphins if only to make it longer and add a really good epilogue, but otherwise this is one of my all time childhood favorites. I always did like Swiss Family Robinson type books…

Reread: Gone with the Wind *in a super sing-songy voice.* This is the best stand-alone novel in stand-alone novel history. It has EVERYTHING! Action, Love, War, Hoop Skirts, and Hilarious 19th century Southern Customs.

Overall that wasn’t too bad, but still…burning any book is not fun. Share what you would Burn, Rewrite, and Reread in the comments below!


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