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The Goblin Emperor – Review

I don’t even remember how I came across this book. I think it surfaced during a late-night-Goodreads-search extravaganza.

The Goblin Emperor is about a goblin/elf prince who, by a change in fate, becomes the newly coronated emperor of his country. The book diligently follows his ascent to the throne and all the politics surrounding him, while at the same time slowly uncovering the mystery behind the late emperor’s death.

Written by Kathrine Addison

Although this book is fantasy, I felt like it was about a real life empire somewhere in the past because the politics and intrigue were believable. Also the balance between reality and magic was executed beautifully. Plus the book has some steampunky elements, namely airships.

Kathrine Addison rendered an all encompassing world, which has its own languages, customs, religion, and societal structures. Maia, the main character, has a personable personality and I really enjoyed reading about him because even though he has insecurities and problems, he doesn’t spend the entire novel whining about what needs to get done. He is timid in the beginning, but he learns how to best solve the problems he faces within the framework of his environment, and how to become part of the new world he has become a part of while still maintaining his morals, beliefs, and character.

Of course the best part is that this book has an almost nonexistent romance plot. It gets tedious when every book I pick up is trying to sell me some great love story, and sometimes I just need a break. The main character still has a love interest, but the author is good about delivering on what she promised The Goblin Emperor would contain instead of just focusing on romance.

The Goblin Emperor is an amazing book to read if you want lots of politics, a plethora of intrigue, and a dash mystery all wrapped up with an endearing main character. It is the best stand-alone novel I’ve read in along time. Besides, it has elves. Instant points.




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