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Top 6 Books: 2016

!!!Thank you, my dear readers, for making this 50th post possible!!!

2016 was an eventful, surprising, and all around incredible year for all of us bibliophiles. I’ve read some marvelous books this year and I’m so happy that I was able to complete my reading goal for 2016, so I thought I’d share my 2016 favorites with you all.

1. The Book Thief

The Book Thief is an extremely unique book. The concept of making Death the narrator of the whole story is so original and striking that I just can’t compare The Book Thief to anything else I’ve read this year.

2. Eragon 

One Word: Dragons. Dragons are the finest mythical creatures, and I wish that they were real and dinosaurs were mythical. It’s hard to find books where dragons play a main role instead of just filling the part of “preferred mode of travel,” but in Eragon , Paolini makes dragons essential to the plot and his characters’ development.

3. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I hate biographies, I really do, but The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin has forever changed my outlook regarding this genre. I don’t know if I will read ever come to love biographies or autobiographies or whose I’ll read next, but I am no longer completely averse to the idea. And besides Franklin is so cool. He was a journalist, a scientist, and an ambassador. I love how he had such a variety of interests and that he pursued each with the same amount of enthusiasm, but at the same time knew when to let go of an unsuccessful idea.

4. Hamlet

Hamlet: The epitome of literary analysis. When I was young I promised myself that I’d never read Shakespeare or anything closer than a fifth cousin to the classic branch of the literary family tree, but thanks to Hamlet my appreciation for plays and old works that most people dread reading has grown.

5. Medieval Traveller’s Guide to Fourteenth Century England

Of course, I had to have a history book on this list, and  the Medieval Traveller’s Guide to Fourteenth Century England was my favorite historical book this year. The fact that it’s written in the format of travel guide, and that it discusses what medieval hotels to stay in to  what clothes to pack makes it really engaging and funny. Yes, this history book is funny.

6. A Darker Shade of Magic

And finally number six. My favorite part of this book was the tasteful writing. It’s really hard to find YA novels these days that have complex sentences and adjectives besides “great,” “good,” happy,” “heartbroken,” or “angry.” And after all the books with choppy sentences (which is apparently artistic in the way that a blank canvas or a branch can be considered modern art), A Darker Shade of Magic was a breath of fresh air.

Share your favorite book of 2016 with me in the comments below!


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