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Pumpkiny Love


Once upon a time…

there was an amazing mother who really loved pumpkin. She and her Continue reading “Pumpkiny Love”

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Star-Crossed Thieves and a Curse of Love

Written by Rachel Caine

A little while ago I read both Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and a retelling of the story by Rachel Caine, The Prince of Shadows. After the experience I had reading Hamlet (I LOVED it!), I was shocked by my dislike for Romeo and Juliet. Continue reading “Star-Crossed Thieves and a Curse of Love”

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Richest Gingerbread Ever!

Fresh out of the oven!

Since winter set in, I’ve been enamored with spiced desserts and gingerbread in particular. My fervor over all things gingerbread has long passed the infatuation stage,  Continue reading “Richest Gingerbread Ever!”