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Pumpkiny Love


Once upon a time…

there was an amazing mother who really loved pumpkin. She and her (*cough* lovely*cough*) daughter journeyed to the land of Internet to find a recipe for pumpkin cake. While traveling on the distant shores of Pinterest, they came across a super moist, extremely pumpkiny, and spectacularly spiced recipe for pumpkin cake. They took this recipe back to the land of Kitchen and used the magic of cream cheese and vanilla, which they had collected on their extensive trip to Supermarket, to bake a cake. Their confection filled their hearts (and bellies) with the pleasant feelings afforded by cakey deliciousness, and they live happily ever after!

The End

When I wrote “pumpkin” it reminded me of Cinderella and I just had to write in fairytale format. But basically, what I was trying to say is this recipe is full of pumpkin and spice and you should really try it. As you can see I did half the frosting recipe because I felt the full amount would be too much, but you could totally do the whole thing. I mean, who doesn’t like cream cheese frosting?


What caught your eye?

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