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Fix It! Grammar – Review

fullsizeoutput_289Before I started learning grammar, my writing was abominable, and so when I began homeschooling, grammar became an important (and loved) part of my english curriculum.

In the beginning I used Michael Clay Thomson’s Magic Lens, and then 4Practice. Like I said in an earlier review, I really enjoyed these and found them extremely beneficial, especially because I hadn’t studied grammar before. After I finished MCT’s books, my mom and I had to do a bit of research before we were able to find something that fit our needs. Finally we found Fix it! Grammar by IEW. In MCT you break down sentences and focus on learning advanced grammar concepts, while Fix it! is about learning grammar through editing.

I really love Fix It!, and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Each book has a different story and is split into 30-32 weeks of exercises with four days in each week. My favorite part is that each exercise only takes 10-15 minutes each day and then on the fifth day you either handwrite or type up the sentences you fixed that week. (This is an excellent opportunity to practice typing!) Grammar is actually my favorite subject to do each day because it’s a nice respite from the unending reading and writing assignments that take up most of my time.

The books themselves are of great quality and are spiral bound, which I find is easier to use. The layout is simple and the grammar explanations are concise and easy to understand. Furthermore the actual stories themselves are just hilarious.

Seriously, Fix it! Grammar is an amazing resource and if you have kids who hate grammar I think they would love it because it doesn’t take too much time, it’s easy to follow, and it’s funny. Neither the parent nor the student has to know anything about grammar to use this series, and both the parent and the student will learn more than they expected.

Five Stars!

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