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The “What Do I Think About Art Tag”

Thank you Remnants of Wit  for nominating me for this tag! Her writing is so unique and her blog is amazing. Please go check it out! 🙂

I usually do tags related to books so this should be interesting. Here we go…


  • Copy the piece of art given to you by your nominator into the post, as well as these rules
  • Analyze the piece of art given to you and what it means to you (you can be as abstract as you like)
  • Nominate 5 people to analyze another piece of art of your choice.
The Verbose title of this work is: “Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth Making Signals in Shallow Water, and going by the Lead. The Author was in this Storm on the Night the ‘Ariel’ left Harwich” by Joseph M. W. Turner.

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this painting was: Memories. Sometimes when I have an important experience and I’m focused on one thing or filled with so much emotion, I get tunnel vision when I try to recall the memory later. Just like how Turner gives the ship in the center of the painting the most definition, I become unable to remember anything other than the one thing I was focused on or the single overwhelming emotion I was feeling. Everything else is blurred.

The thing is though, the blurred part of the memory, might be what would give the perspective my object of focus or my emotions lack. So really to me this painting represents how subjective Memory is. Subjectivity doesn’t diminish the value of memories. It doesn’t mean what I remember is wrong or unfounded. Memory is arguably the single most influencing factor over human behavior, but its subjectivity makes it fallible. Therefore all it means is that human is fallible. No one is perfect.

Ok abstraction over. I Tag…

Sophie @Blame Chocolate

Hannah @thebookllama

The Immortal Readers


Literary Dust

I love art from the Romantic era and Impressionism so here’s the piece I’d like you to share about…

“Bulb Fields” or “Flower Beds in Holland” by Vincent van Gogh

6 thoughts on “The “What Do I Think About Art Tag”

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me! And now I have a confession. It’s really embarrassing.

    The other night, when I saw you’d tagged me and read your post, I tried to comment to say thank you, and for some reason I thought your blog didn’t have a comments section. I couldn’t find it, at the bottom of the page, where comment sections always are. And now, here it is!

    Anyway, now I’m off to comment on your previous post that I also read last night and really wanted to comment on. (I’m serious. I was really frustrated because you posed a question at the end and there was no comment section to answer it in.) Then, I’m going to finish writing my response to this tag, and then I’m going to get some sleep, because I have been severely sleep deprived for the past week and that probably explains the mysterious-disappearing-comment-section incident.


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