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“If Books Were Movies” Tag

I saw this tag a long time ago (can’t remember where), and basically I’m going to list five books I really love that I wish were either a movie or a tv series. It sounds like an easy decision, but I promise you it’s extremely excruciating. I’m basically condemning some of my favorite books to destruction by moving picture because we all know the book is always better than the movie, (except the bloody Maze Runner series!!!)

Let’s begin…

1.The Mysterious Benedict Society

This series was THE series of my childhood. The characters are superb and the plot is full of action and intrigue and puzzles, so I think all four books would make for highly entertaining movies. Also I’ve been waiting for them to become movies since I was ten.

2. My Lady Jane

When I read My Lady Jane, I was surprised by how good it was. I think the magic, history, and hilarity in the book would transfer well onto a movie screen. The plot has enough depth and originality that it would be a captivating movie, but at the same time there aren’t too many read-in-between-the-lines/flashback moments which would be hard to convey in a movie. Plus, there’s a great female lead and a cute love story.

3. The House of the Scorpion and The Lord of Opium

These books are just really unique. The main character is a clone and there are drug lords and corrupt politicians involved, so all in all the story would be an unprecedented movie plot. Furthermore, the main character frequently changes what he thinks is right and wrong, so the moral conflict would be refreshing in a movie.

4. Gone With the Wind and Scarlett

Scarlett O’Hara is one of my all time favorite heroines and her story is just begging to be put on screen. Instead of a movie though, I think these books would be better as a mini-series or something; there are just too many important details essential to the plot. I know a movie was made a long time ago, but unfortunately it wasn’t able to capture any of the gravity in the story. I mean, hoop skirts, the civil war, Ireland, English aristocracy, and sweet-tea are featured in these books. How could one ever get bored? And there’s the fact that I love historical shows. Downton Abbey anyone? 😉

5. Percy Jackson

Years. That is how long I’ve waited for someone to do something with this amazing series. Yes, I know there are two movies. Yes, I have watched them. And yes, I’ve been gravely disappointed by them. First of all, let’s all accept the fact that the movies are TERRIBLE. Why? They’re not true to the books, the acting is shoddy, and they were cheesy. So I’m calling for a remake, but this time a tv series. There are TEN bloody books. That could be ten seasons of Percy Jackson. That could be ten years of Percy Jackson. Think of the potential people? But yeah anyway, regardless of whether there are ten seasons, someone needs to make Percy Jackson into a tv series ASAP.

And that concludes the If Books Were Movies book tag. Share in the comments which book you wish was a movie. Or one you wish was never made into a movie! 🙂

I would like to tag…

Sophie @Blame Chocolate

Remnants of Wit

They both have amazing blogs. Please check them out!


7 thoughts on ““If Books Were Movies” Tag

    1. Yeah, in fact at one point I decided to adopt Kate’s practical fashion sense and go around with a bucket. I filled it with “useful” items, but I only used it in the house. Disappointment…thanks MOM.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this post. One thing I disagree with is that I love the movie version of Gone With the Wind! I wish they should still made 4 hour movies today. Only way to begin to do a long book justice. I also didn’t like Scarlett very much–I guess I didn’t think there needed to be a sequel especially since Margaret Mitchell didn’t write one. That’s just my opinion though, and a Gone With the Wind miniseries would still be great!

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    1. I mean Scarlett was frivolous and selfish, but Mitchell characterized her so well it was worth it. And I wish they still made 4 hour movies today too. But MINI SERIES! Netflix I’m looking at you… 🙂

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