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U.S. History Curriculum

When my mom and I were researching U.S. History curriculum for high school, it was impossible for us to find something that suited our approach to learning and was challenging enough.

As I’ve likely mentioned before, one of my main reasons for homeschooling is to have the opportunity to learn from multiple sources so that my education isn’t textbook heavy and gain exposure to opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, all the U.S. history curricula my mom and I Continue reading “U.S. History Curriculum”

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AOPS Number Theory – Review

FullSizeRenderThe Art of Problem Solving books have caused me immeasurable misery. I tried Introduction to Counting and Probability and gave up after ten chapters. I tried Introduction to Geometry and gave up after eight chapters.

After the geometry fiasco, I decided to finally let go of AOPS. I just couldn’t learn from their books. Or so I thought. Continue reading “AOPS Number Theory – Review”

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Ink and Bone – Review

Written by Rachel Caine

We all know why I started this blog. Books. (And I was bored, but that’s besides the point.) So when an author writes a book about an evil library and an underground book world, I am so going to read it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Ink and Bone follows the journey of Jess Brightwell and his fellow competitors as they battle for spots to work for the all powerful Library. Jess grew up in a book smuggling family and his father thinks it would be useful to have someone on the inside of the organization which Continue reading “Ink and Bone – Review”