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Ink and Bone – Review

Written by Rachel Caine

We all know why I started this blog. Books. (And I was bored, but that’s besides the point.) So when an author writes a book about an evil library and an underground book world, I am so going to read it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Ink and Bone follows the journey of Jess Brightwell and his fellow competitors as they battle for spots to work for the all powerful Library. Jess grew up in a book smuggling family and his father thinks it would be useful to have someone on the inside of the organization which undermines the family business. Throughout the story Jess makes a crazy group of friends, encounters many instances of betrayal, and deals with fear inducing mechanimals.

Rachel Caine did an amazing job with this book. Her characters all come from different backgrounds and even the secondary characters have depth. I love how Caine’s world still has the same geography as our world, but the politics are completely different. It’s unique.

I don’t think I even need to express how much it means to see characters who love reading and learning so much. I mean, they are all so different, but their love for knowledge unites them all. After all, “Scientia potentia est,” Knowledge is Power.

One of my favorite little quirks of this book was that the author included a playlist of the music that inspired her while she was writing the story. What’s even more amazing, is that a lovely person on Spotify actually made up the playlist!

Ink and Bone is a fantastic, gripping book. And third book was just published, so I’ll be binge reading the next two books!

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