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U.S. History Curriculum

When my mom and I were researching U.S. History curriculum for high school, it was impossible for us to find something that suited our approach to learning and was challenging enough.

As I’ve likely mentioned before, one of my main reasons for homeschooling is to have the opportunity to learn from multiple sources so that my education isn’t textbook heavy and gain exposure to opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, all the U.S. history curricula my mom and I came across in our research were very textbook oriented. Furthermore, the material was usually very basic.

In light of these challenges, my mom decided to develop our own curriculum based on some good books we had come across. The result of this endeavor is that I learned more than I thought I could and found the material infinitely more interesting than I had anticipated.

I did U.S. history for two years, but I’m sure if you tweaked the curriculum a bit you could fit it into one year. My favorite books were the Uncle Eric books and Patriot’s History Reader because their contrasting opinions were engaging. My favorite activity was the DBQs because the questions were genuinely thought-provoking. Plus, one should always have extra writing practice

So if you too are having trouble finding a high school U.S. History curriculum, I’m going to share the whole course plan below. Please feel free to download it and use it in your homeschool. I hope you find it as engrossing and eye-opening as I did. Happy learning!


US History Curriculum PDF


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