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And She Lives…

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting on blog, and I can’t express enough how glad I am to finally be writing again.

School has been crazy hectic this year, and I felt unable to continue blogging while balancing everything else in my life. I would’ve been unfair of me to post just for the sake of posting even though my heart wasn’t in it.

Anyway, the end of the school year is finally here, and I hope to resume posting somewhat regularly. I’ve read a lot of books while I wasn’t blogging, and I can’t wait to discuss them with you all. Thanks for being patient! 😊

I’d also like to know if there’s any specific type of post you’d like to see more of. Share it with me in the comments. 🙂

5 thoughts on “And She Lives…

    1. Thanks 🙂. I liked how you went over the books you read for lit class, so I was thinking to do something of the same sort maybe. And I like your story question; I’ve got some ideas now!

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