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Books I Read In British Lit – Part I

I was inspired by the mini review posts Remnants of Wit recently did on the books she read in literature class, so I thought I’d do a quick overview of the books I read this past year.

This past school year I’ve read a lot of books written by British authors from various historic and literary eras. I definitely didn’t enjoy all of them–some I outright detested–but I was, and still am, fascinated by how our idea of “good writing” has changed so much over time.

I read from the Anglo-Saxon era to the Modernist period so I’ll go in chronological order. Continue reading “Books I Read In British Lit – Part I”

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Breaking the Barrier Spanish – Review

Wrapping up my third year of formally studying Spanish, I wanted to share my thoughts on the various courses of study I’ve tried throughout the years and what curriculum was the best. I have used Spanish for ChildrenLIFEPAC Spanish, which I’ve previously reviewed, and most recently Breaking the Barrier Spanish, which is undoubtedly the best language course I’ve taken. Continue reading “Breaking the Barrier Spanish – Review”

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U.S. History Curriculum

When my mom and I were researching U.S. History curriculum for high school, it was impossible for us to find something that suited our approach to learning and was challenging enough.

As I’ve likely mentioned before, one of my main reasons for homeschooling is to have the opportunity to learn from multiple sources so that my education isn’t textbook heavy and gain exposure to opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, all the U.S. history curricula my mom and I Continue reading “U.S. History Curriculum”

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AOPS Number Theory – Review

FullSizeRenderThe Art of Problem Solving books have caused me immeasurable misery. I tried Introduction to Counting and Probability and gave up after ten chapters. I tried Introduction to Geometry and gave up after eight chapters.

After the geometry fiasco, I decided to finally let go of AOPS. I just couldn’t learn from their books. Or so I thought. Continue reading “AOPS Number Theory – Review”

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Homeschool Planet

It’s that time of year again people…time to choose curriculum!

When the curriculum hunt begins every year, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Then I get frustrated by the deluge of information, and angry that no one is answering the questions I want answered. After that, I feel resigned to go with my first choices. But finally I have a breakthrough, I find what I want and feel ecstatic to begin the new year.

So the five stages of curriculum hunting are: excitement, frustration, anger, resignation, and confidence. Continue reading “Homeschool Planet”

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Fix It! Grammar – Review

fullsizeoutput_289Before I started learning grammar, my writing was abominable, and so when I began homeschooling, grammar became an important (and loved) part of my english curriculum. Continue reading “Fix It! Grammar – Review”

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Professor Carol – Review

Discovering Music


Me and my mom were having a tough time finding an appropriate music curriculum and we shopped around a long time before we found Discovering Music. I’m so glad we stuck it out and waited though, because it turned out to be one of my all time favorite courses.

Discovering Music is Continue reading “Professor Carol – Review”

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LIFEPAC Spanish – Review


I already speak two languages, and when I started homeschooling I felt it was important to continue learning more. I chose Spanish because it is relatively easy to learn and is spoken in so many countries. Plus, I find it fun to pronounce the words!

The first Spanish curriculum I studied was LIFEPAC Spanish I Continue reading “LIFEPAC Spanish – Review”

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History Odyssey vs. BookShark

Most of my homeschool curriculum revolves around a four-year system. So in science for example, the order is biology, earth science, chemistry, and then physics. In history it goes ancients, middle ages, early modern, and modern history. But Continue reading “History Odyssey vs. BookShark”

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YouTube-izing Homeschool

Yep, I totally meant to write “YouTube-izing” like that.

What I really mean by this is that YouTube is a great resource for homeschoolers. There are so many talented content creators out there that make really cool, short videos on topics that are relevant to school. Below are some of my favorites, but there’s tons more. Continue reading “YouTube-izing Homeschool”