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On Pestilences like Scholastic Publishing

Children’s books are a passion of mine.

Recently my brother brought home a flyer for the Scholastic Book Fair, and as I flipped through its pages I felt myself alternating between rage and despair. Continue reading “On Pestilences like Scholastic Publishing”

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Strong Female Character’s: The Epidemic

Today I’m writing about a problem that has had me rankled lately: The Strong-Female Character.

Whenever I’m looking up books, I always come across descriptions of how the female protagonist is STRONG, INDEPENDENT, and all around (excuse the language) BADASS. And every time I pick up one of theses books with these “strong” female characters I’m disappointed and slightly insulted. Continue reading “Strong Female Character’s: The Epidemic”

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New Year, New Books, New Posts

Finally posting…one year later…

After the holidays it took me forever to get back in sync with my school schedule, but now I’m back! Towards the end of 2016 Continue reading “New Year, New Books, New Posts”

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Hiatus, sabbatical, break , and holiday are all good words to describe my blog calendar this month.

I’m currently in the process of moving and we all know how hectic that can be. On top of moving, there are also some other things that currently require my full attention, so unfortunately I won’t be publishing new posts this month. I’ll be distracted, and I’d rather take the time off than produce content that isn’t up to par.

Hopefully we’ll be up and running again in August, although there WILL be  a Book of the Month post for July. In the mean time you’re welcome to read through the archives and try some recipes. I’m going to brainstorm some fantastic post ideas for next month!

The last announcement I have to make (and I’m super excited about this!) is that when I get back I’m going to turn on the comments! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

In the words of the YouTuber, “Like and Subscribe!”

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On Snow, License Plates, and Pencils

I can’t believe it!  Three days of snow that’s all I got!  I mean come on global warming at least give me a full week!  I’m really going to miss the snow and feeling extra cosy. Waking up to the shadow of snow clouds, cold and refreshing.  Ah snow… Continue reading “On Snow, License Plates, and Pencils”

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Mitten Time!

Through December the weather where I live has been more spring-like than wintery.  I began to assume that I wouldn’t see any snow this year.  But for the past few days the view from my window has been of a snowglobe.  Now winter consists of Continue reading “Mitten Time!”