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Surface Tension – An Original Poem

My poetry is always inspired by the most random subjects, and my latest attempt at poetry was inspired by my chemistry class. This past year I’ve been taking chemistry, which is arguable my favorite scientific discipline, and I especially enjoyed learning about gases, pressure, and intermolecular forces. Continue reading “Surface Tension – An Original Poem”

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Percy Jackson and a Leap from Twaddle

Before reading Percy Jackson, I’d been exposed to greek myths and the children’s version of The Canterbury Tales, but for some reason this book series changed the way I look at literature.

Yes, it’s a fantastical series. Yes, I know that even though the writing and characters are pretty amazing, they aren’t the epitome of literary art. But that doesn’t change the fact that Continue reading “Percy Jackson and a Leap from Twaddle”

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Poem Post – How Doth the Little Crocodile

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with rhymes, and so, naturally, poetry has been appealing to me my whole life. Nowadays I’m more into epics and such, but every once in a while I remember the poems I read as a kid and they put a smile on my face. Continue reading “Poem Post – How Doth the Little Crocodile”

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I Loved You – Alexander Pushkin

A few months ago I had the pleasure of reading Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. It was the second novel in verse that I’ve ever read and I loved (excuse the pun…) how Pushkin switches between airing his own hilarious views as a narrator and then goes back to telling Onegin’s story. My favorite Continue reading “I Loved You – Alexander Pushkin”

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I’ve recently taken up writing short stories in order to develop my writing skills. I love short stories because the successful ones are able to convince you of something or invoke a feeling in a few words. That is powerful. I want that kind of power in my writing, and I think practicing writing short stories is a good place to start. Continue reading “Mini-Crisis”

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Poem Post!

Poetry has a special place in my heart. Sometimes, when I get a burst of inspiration, I pull out my poetry notebook and have a go at writing some myself. I have the same respect for poets as I do for authors.

Sometimes Continue reading “Poem Post!”