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Monks, Sainted Dogs, and a Boatload of Talmuds

I love middle grade books for several reasons. First of all they always feature fascinating
adventure stories. Second, middle grade authors don’t feel the need to “spice up” their writing with annoying romance side-plots.

So yeah, that was half praise half rant, but you get what I mean. Continue reading “Monks, Sainted Dogs, and a Boatload of Talmuds”

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And I Darken – Review

The cover art though!

I heard of this book from Fictional Fox’s review and I knew I had to read it.

Kiersten White is an amazing author. I love historical fiction, but it’s hard to find books in that genre that contain truthful historical facts, and I appreciate that White did thorough research before attempting to write a book that takes on a civilization whose history Continue reading “And I Darken – Review”

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Book of the Month

May 2016 – All The Light We Cannot See

all the light
Written by Anthony Doerr

World War II was undoubtedly one of the most influencing events in history.  And while the end of the war brought on a new age, what was it like during the war? What happened when people on opposite sides crossed paths? Continue reading “Book of the Month”